What We Do

We are a full service marketing and new retail agency

Consultation & Campaign Strategy
From Planning to Execution,
our team authentically market your product, drive traffic and boost sales

Digital & Influencer Marketing
We determine where your target
audience is and ensure optimal content
mix across Instagram, YouTube and Naver

New Retail
We sell your product
online via popular influencer
social media accounts

Live Promotion
We organize logistics, on-site management, promotion and maximize live
event amplification opportunities

Picture & Video AD Production

Our team provides graphic design,
motion graphic and video AD production services to help you tell your story

Co-Branding and Partnerships

We find natural affinities between brands & influencers and develop cross
 audience partnerships


We track all major campaign data including sales, engagements and impressions

Find Right Influencers
Select audience based on age,
gender, interest & geographic area

Receive Brief Result Report

All important campaign metrics at a

glance and easy to follow format

What Separates
 Us From Others

Unlock Power of Influence

Are you Client? Are you an Influencer?

CEO : Eom Jisoo

Business registration number : 206-35-00560

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